Welcome to Born And Bled Films


We started as just a couple of friends getting together to make a few short films that we thought were cool and funny.
Over time that became a YouTube Partnership which then allowed us to market ourselves more aggressively.
Once we went down that path we were able to work on Short Films and just recently a Feature Film.
While continuing to have a stable presence on YouTube we are now moving into effects and editing.

We realize we’re still learning as well so we decided to do different types of tutorials so you could learn as we do.

So take a look around our site, feel free to comment and if you have a project you want help on, send us an email.


Also we are proud to anounce the completion of our new 22 minute horror film "Deflection"
"Deflection" Is a short horror film about Joseph and his family that get left a house and its contents in his grandfathers will. There is an ancient and strange mirror chained in the garage . Once uncovered the dangerous occurrences begin..(check out the trailer below)

Bloodline Official Trailer